‘How to Win the War on Christmas: STOP Fighting It’

by Vince

I have had my seasons worth of seeing lawn signs (either homemade or commercially done) stating “Jesus is the reason for the season” and other incendiary talk bemoaning the delusional fall of white, middle class Christianity and Christmas.

Seriously, do I really have to plug a ‘Merry Christmas’ in a conversation with my good Jewish friend whom I’ve known over 15 years? Is this all in hopes of converting people or is it out of a fear that Christianity will be forgotten if I don’t say it? Is there an underlying fear that Christianity will become, gasp, unexceptional and be on the same level as any other common day religion? Oh no, we wouldn’t want to relegate Christianity to such an unexceptional place. Christians, especially American Christians, are on an exceptional path above those Mexicans, those Muslims, and any other nation for that matter. Honestly, if God was so expansive, all loving, all knowing, and wanted to know us each personally and intimately, would he limit himself to one religion, let alone one holiday phrase?

I speak this all as being an active ‘christian’, but don’t ask me what being a ‘christian’ looks like because it has been hijacked by the fringe.

To any other Christians out there, stop fighting, stop trying to control, and keep following the One.

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