Opening Thoughts on Walking With The Wind

by Vince

I had a super easy day of teaching today. With that, I was therefore able to finish off the new Atlantic issue and get about 62 pages in to John Lewis’s memoir. Lewis’s memoir is so refreshing. It may be a 500 page book, but it is much lighter than the Jonathan Kozol books I have been finishing off. I don’t need a dictionary by my side as I join him recounting his time raising chickens or growing uncomfortable with Southern ‘separate but equal’ school and society. The font is small but still, the pages go by and I enjoy slowing down and not having to think in a critical manner sentence by sentence. After saying that, I don’t mean that I am falling asleep to his work nor do I mean that his civil rights path is dull/lacking meaning. I mean that his book is accessible, enjoyable to read, and so far a breeze for me. I didn’t preview his book before I picked it up from the library so this all comes as a surprise (much needed) to me.

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