For The Vets

by Vince Giordano

The above video goes with some stories to read. Here also are some poems.

I was able to chat on Thursday with my parents neighbor who I grew up with. He served in WW2 and was part of a crew that went through the internment camps. I haven’t ever had the chance to talk with him about it, but MJ says that he refuses to talk about it.

Just simply chatting with him on the phone was an enjoyable moment for me. I asked him what he thinks about on a day like this. He says that he wonders where the other guys are that served with him. He has been going every year to a reunion for his Army company. I believe that they just discontinued their reunions the other year because nearly everyone has passed away.

I will never fully understand the dedication, mindset, or culture of the armed forces. I may have a brother that is in the Navy, many close relatives who have served, and a bachelors degree in history, but I don’t lay claim to knowing their world better than they.

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