A Foundation of Lies

by Vince

Andrew Sullivan took a swing at a party’s ideology which is out to distort everything and anything Barack Obama. Dave True put it in simple terms: liberals expect too much civility and conservatives do not. True’s words come true in every piece by Sullivan defending Obama and in almost every sound bite by congressional Republicans.

I see this (strong) case for a political foundation of lies based on your view of the stimulus and bailouts. Then take that and add to it who benefit from them, how the common good is affected by all of that and if you see this all in a short or long term approach.

I encourage everyone to read the full transcript of any speech by any major politician before tuning in to an opinionated columnist or even Fox news. Read it for yourself, interpret it yourself, and make up your own mind. The loud talkers, either by decibel or syndication, take the power grab opportunities via ad hominem tactics. Politics for the ultra conservative and the religiously conservative is about controlling the path and any moderation or “meeting your opponent at the middle ground” is seen as a sign of weakness. In the end, the common good stagnates, gridlocks, and morally withers when a society is lead by quick spoken demagogues.

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