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September 16, 2010

Hand Dance

by Vince
September 16, 2010

High off of Breaking a Toilet

by Vince

Watching this at half speed makes the people on the show seem stoned. And this is over a broken toilet??

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September 16, 2010

Islam in Alaska

by Vince

I read this and am proud to see our country not be as homogeneous as many theocons would like to portray it (or wishfully hope):

On the radio on the drive over to Fairview, I’d been listening to a story about the pastor from Florida who had been threatening to burn Qurans and controversy over a planned mosque and community center near the site of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Earlier in the week, I interviewed Jobarteh and Obeidi at Jobarteh’s grocery, among the coolers of halal meats and shelves of grains and spices. The television was tuned to CNN. They said there are now more than 3,000 Muslims in Anchorage–an estimate that has tripled since 2005–including highly educated professionals after jobs in the oil industry and newly arrived refugees. They had been called by television stations wanting them to comment on anti-Muslim sentiment in the Lower 48. They didn’t want to be part of polarized conversations like that, they said.

“Our positive experience (in Anchorage) far outweighs our negative experience,” Jobarteh said.

But as we talked, it was clear they were aware, and not happy with, the portrayal of Muslims as un-American. “I have two boys that are born in Alaska. Providence Hospital,” Obeidi said.

“My wife is in the military and she loves this country,” Jobarteh added.

They believe Islam is being misrepresented, and they’re trying to correct that by setting a good example in Anchorage, they said, welcoming of people with different religious beliefs, doing good work in the community.

“We want to spread the true word of Islam,” Obeidi said. “Not Fox News Islam.”

I then wonder next what Sarah Palin thinks of this.

Dali Osmane, an information technology specialist from Algeria, told me that during prayers, he had been thinking of the time when Anchorage Muslims would have their own masjid, or mosque, a space where they can worship that wasn’t also a gym with basketball nets. He thought of all the religious communities in town that have churches.

“And they are way smaller than us,” he said.

Uphold the 1st amendment and treat them fairly.

September 16, 2010

The Tea Party and the O’Donnell Win

by Vince

It is rather ironic across the scene how the Tea Party and its constituents are responding to Christine O’Donnell’s primary win in Delaware. Some have said that she is too much of a far right Christianist candidate to win in an east coast, perennially blue state, thereby dismissing her primary win. Others say that she shouldn’t be shooed out for a moderate. Anyway you look at this, O’Donnell sees herself as a Washington outsider, a perfect pick therefore by the Tea Party (who are very much anti-Washington/establishment). But you now have Bill Kristol,Karl Rove, and Charles Krauthammer siding against her as the conservative candidate. Who would of guessed this would of been a road the Tea Party would of gone down.

I don’t see her “Christianist” stances as all that bad – anti-masturbation being one of them. I hope to hear more about her. Her nomination shows that the Tea Party cannot be strictly described as caring only about fiscal issues but also crosses over into social policy. I would like to see the Tea Party support a Independent or somewhat left of center candidate to show that the party is not all right wing Bible thumpers but does consist of many independents and some Democrats.

September 16, 2010

“I am a Change Agent”

by Vince

Circa 2007

Hat Tip: Ezra Klein

September 16, 2010

The Pernicious Nature of Bryan Fischer

by Vince

I have seen his name before when checking up at Right Wing Watch. I never paid him much attention or mind…until now. According to the American Family Association website, “Bryan Fischer is the director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy at American Family Association, where he provides expertise on a range of public policy topics.

He then connects American sports to protecting the country from terrorism:

The significance here is that “God Bless America” is not just a collection of words, not just a song, not just a memorable melody. What is significant here is that “God Bless America” is a prayer.

When we sing this song, we are not just singing – we are praying. We are joining heart and voice together to ask God to bless America, to “stand beside her and guide her through the night with a light from above.”

Remarkably, we have established the practice of converting every major league stadium, every NFL stadium, and every NBA arena into a temporary cathedral in which hundreds of thousands of Americans every week pray to God and ask him to watch over this land.

I suggest that these prayers have been heard and they have been answered … Since 9/11, multitudes of the American people have on a weekly and almost daily basis asked God to watch over our nation. I believe he has inclined his ear to our prayer.

If you want to know why America has been kept safe since 9/11, I believe we have professional baseball, football, and basketball owners to thank for giving Americans the opportunity to engage in consistent corporate intercession for the safety of this nation.

Before I move on, I wish I could ask Fischer about his thoughts on ballooning professional salaries, drunkenness and gluttony via overpriced beer and food within these “cathedrals” and rising ticket costs regardless of the country being in a recession. Or the Muslims, atheists, or other religious/non-religious attenders – are they praying, thinking more of our founders than God, or waiting to be the first one to clap?

Next, he views America as a Christian nation. Therefore, Muslims looking to move into the USA should be sent back to their Muslim countries. We would be doing them a service.

He has some sense to respect Muslim American citizens. You’d have to live in a white gated community to be oblivious to America’s melting pot founding and current makeup.

Has he read the Quaran?

Andrew Marin’s book Love is an Orientation calls the conversation of homosexuality to be distinctive between promiscuous, drug infested, polygamous relationships and long term, monogamous gay relationships. There is a difference. The far right would like there to be a difference between themselves and the Americans who foreign-bred terrorists are out to get. But unfortunately, to the far right, there is no distinction with the GLBT community: all gays are the same, just as all Muslims are the same. Some have even claimed to of learned all they needed to learn about Muslims on 9/11 and gays from whatever biased media outlet they have tuned in to.

September 16, 2010

The Roots and John Legend: Stream Here

by Vince

NPR provides here a full stream of the new album between John Legend and the Roots. It sounds awesome!