XPN Reviews the new Roots Album

by Vince

I am looking forward to buying it sometime soon:

The Roots’ experimental adventurousness has earned them love from rock critics, they are a hip-hop band at the core, and the most effective collaborations on How I Got Over are with the rap and R&B names that might be new to some listeners. The sieze-the-moment groover “Now Or Never” has a tremendous showing from Phonte, an MC from Durham, NC crew Little Brother, and “Web 20/20” spotlights Peddi Peddi from Philly underground group State Property.

How I Got Over could be how The Roots themselves got over the brooding lyrical frustration of Rising Down and Game Theory, how they got over the disappointments of a rap game that rewards instant celebrity rather than artistic longevity. It’s about how they got their groove back and proved they remain catchy, inspiring and sonically relevant, two decades and some into their career.

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